Hi I’m Shauna McClure.  This is my opportunity to tell you a bit about myself and how Mercenary Opus came about.  I’ve worked as a ghost writer for some time and have seen great projects with edge of your seat plots and full dynamic characters sit in development.  So, I thought why don’t we take this amazing script and fil it ourselves? It should be easier to raise this little amount of money considering the outcome will be a marketable feature length motion picture... don't you think?

Being a micro-budget film, I knew I would have limitations on the number of locations and characters that I could introduce.  So without those opportunities, I chose to move the story forward with conflict.  Besides the twists and turns of plot - surrounding a heist gone badly, and the uncovering of what really went down, this story is about what happens to each of these characters when they are put under extreme pressure.   Just when you think they can’t handle anymore… the story adds another layer.  Each of our characters changes his own characteristics because of the dynamics rippled from another character.  Cause and effect, back and forth, yin and yang, around and around they go.  They all have their time as the least powerful and as the most powerful of the group.  This movie is going to keep you guessing.

Some contemporary directors that inspire me are: Robert Rodriquez; Quentin Tarantino; and, Guy Ritchie.  Maybe, it is because they are all writer-directors… but mostly because they have style.  From the look of the movie, to the music to the press kit, these guys have a signature.  I’d like to have a signature; I just haven’t been able to afford it yet.