Three criminals and a hostage, wait out a police search in an abandoned house after a heist gone badly.

Tommy is the planner, the man in charge, the leader in this group of underbellies of society.  Today is the day that his plan goes awry.  What starts as a simple theft from a drug distribution front turns into the peeling away of clues and discovery of what really went down. 

Vivienne is the driver.  She’s also married to Tommy.  These two have shared 15 years of life and crime and she’s burnt out.  Today is the day she’s decided to make a move for West and see where the chips may fall.  It might have been something, if Tommy hadn’t walked in on them.

West is the muscle.  He’s emotional, spontaneous and totally unpredictable.  He’s ready to move up the ladder and start planning deals himself.  But, he’s also a doper and when the deal went south, he grabbed the closest kilo of coke and a hostage before heading back to the safe house.

Amanda is the hostage.  She’s a sight for sore eyes, as they say.   She’s also smart, maybe too smart and this collective has underestimated her interest in the take.

The tension rises as they play each other out, in a game of betrayal and violence, for the extrinsic