Shauna met Mike at the American Film Institute in 1996, where she studied Screenwriting, Cinematography and Lighting. Since then, the two have teamed up to complete several short films, beginning with “Best Short Film” award winning, ON DUTY in 2000.

She has furthered her experience on set to Director from 1st A.D., and before that Post Production Supervisor from Production Assistant.

As a finalist, out of 12,000 directors, Shauna participated in a first challenge for the Mark Burnett, Steven Spielberg reality show, “On the Lot” in 2007. She completed all aspects of production, from logline to finished product in the required six days.

She is currently partnered with Mike at Exposition Films, as Creative Executive, where she analyzes scripts and provides coverage.

On assignment, Shauna ghost wrote / doctored two feature scripts last year. Those, as well as her original work including THE TROPHY CASE trilogy, are in development at Exposition Films.